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Weight Loss For Men

Weight Loss Program For Men 

Weight gain - it happens. Maybe you're feeling like you've got no energy to hit the gym. Who's got the time to spend hours in a grocery store figuring out the best foods to buy? Too tired to cook in the kitchen after a long day of work. The list goes on, and we get it - it's all too easy to just grab food when you can, order something tempting and quick, and leave the reprocussions up to fate. While fast foods have come a long way since their origins, many are still made up of empty calories that provide little to no nutritional value. At Metabolic Research Center, our weight loss programs for men feature a personalized menu plan with plenty of whole, fresh food choices that help you better manage your health and your goals. Everyone wants to tell you what you shouldn't eat, but not everyone will tell you what you should (or how much of it to eat for that matter). We do both. Our holistic approach educates men about the foods they should eat and provides actionable solutions for weight loss and weight management. If you're ready to start living well and eating healthy, clean foods in easy-to-make meals, Metabolic Research Center provides the education, support, and encouragement for you to succeed.

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A traditional approach to dieting generally doesn’t work well for most men. Either the program is too restrictive and only allows a small number of foods to be consumed, or the foods you can eat simply do not fill you up. Although food is the primary source of energy, what you choose to eat is crucial for helping you achieve your goals for losing weight and improving your health.

Another key to our personalized weight loss for men comes from ensuring your diet is sustainable and filled with flavorful foods that are filling - no restrictive low-calorie meals here. By consistently eating the right foods and staying active, you can stave off hunger while controlling your intake of calories that nourish. While it's true that many people can lose weight by eating less every day, starving the body is neither a sustainable nor a healthy strategy.

When you choose Metabolic Research Center as your weight loss partner, you won't need a calculator or scales to follow our personalized daily menus. Just bring your appetite, and we'll take care of the rest. When you regain control of your food choices, you regain control of your health. Your best long-term solution is a balance of eating well and staying active, and Metabolic Research Center can show you how. You can't stop the clock for natural aging, but any man can help slow it down. 


Following our menus with proper portions can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall fitness. If living a long and healthy life is one of your goals, the weight loss specialists at Metabolic Research Center can teach you how to make the best choices for your goals - whether you're ordering out or preparing a meal at home. 

An easy way to reduce unwanted fat is to consume adequate amounts of lean protein. Eating more protein increases satiety and feelings of fullness in addition to support various processes in the body related to metabolism and muscle building. When you're not hungry, you aren't feeling the urges to eat as often - making weight management simpler.

When working towards a healthier lifestyle and building a better relationship with food, dietary fat is not the enemy. Like protein, consuming healthy fats increases satiety. These two macronutrients are an important part of any diet. Processed foods typically contain an inopportune balance of sugars, fats, and sodium; moreover refined carbohydrates offer little nutritional value. Our menus are rich in fresh vegetables and fruits which are natural sources of dietary fiber. Fiber is important for a healthy gut. And a healthy gut is a happy gut.


There are a million and one different ways to lose weight. We're not saying our way is the best way for everyone, but our way has been around for over 35 years. So, we think we know a thing or two about how to do it right. Having a support system that understands your journey and celebrates your success can be the difference maker between seeing your program to the end and stopping after one setback. While our best friends and closest family members play a key role in many areas of our lives, these individuals may not always be the best fit for the "weight loss support system role." When you've got smoke coming from under the hood, you're going to take your car to your mechanic and not your mom's house. And that's not because you've got anything against your mom, it's that your mechanic knows your car better. Well, the same is true of our weight loss coaches and your weight loss program.

Our team of experienced Weight Loss Coaches will meet with you regularly. During your one-on-one visits, we'll discuss your entire weight loss experience, from what you eat to why you're eating it. You can also discuss any special circumstances or conditions you're facing that could impact your short and long term weight loss goals. After all, planning for success is the first step. There's no guesswork involved at Metabolic Research Center.

At Metabolic Research Center, our weight loss programs for men provide the tools, tips, accountability, and motivation to help you reach your goals for eating healthy and living well. Making sure you have the right support, encouragement, and accountability throughout your journey can and will make all the difference. In fact, nearly 100% of clients who have reached their goals share with us that it was the support of their MRC Coaches that made the difference between success on our program and failure on others. That's why ensuring your success is our highest priority. MRC Weight Loss Coaches will be there for you every step of the way.


Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine say men are more prone to gain weight around the middle. When it comes to shedding pounds, guys with bigger bellies can "appear" to jump start their metabolism and lose weight faster than women. However, belly fat is different than the subcutaneous fat deposits on the arms, legs, and thighs. Belly fat is visceral fat and is metabolically active, making it more impactful to body systems.

Men often fail to realize how muscle mass can be the key for managing metabolism. Recent studies have shown that resistance training increases muscle mass without the need to become a bodybuilder. Maintaining muscle mass increases energy expenditure even when you are resting. We show you how eating real foods and moving a little more can help promote healthy fat metabolism.

Here's a freebie: if you drink sugary drinks like fountain sodas, stop. It will cut hundred(s) of empty calories from your daily intake right away. Since dietitians say that people often confuse thirst for hunger, drinking more water is one easy and inexpensive way to curb feelings of hunger. Bonus: plain water is free from calories. Whether you work in office or spend your day outside, it's easy for anyone to not always keep up with their daily water intake. So, if it's been a little while since your last glass of water, go ahead and drink up.



While the foods you eat and how much you move plays a large role in how you lose weight, weight loss is so much more than just these two things. When the body is metabolically broken, there are common hormonal insufficiencies that can trigger too much or too little release of critical chemical messengers. A common cause of increased fat deposits is the natural decline in male hormone production. 

Identifying hormonal imbalance is often the missing link to successful weight loss and management. At MRC, our Hormone Dectection Kit allows you to identify and correct these hidden imbalances - the all-too-often culprits behind unexplained weight gain. Generally speaking, a man’s testosterone level drops by one percent each year after age 40. Some imbalances can be corrected by lifestyle changes. Others may require outside help. For those imbalances that cannot be repaired naturally, Metabolic Research Center offers a comprehensive line of vitamins and supplements to nourish and help restore balance.

Nighttime is when a man’s body recovers, repairs itself, and manages energy consumption. As such, disturbances to restful sleep can hinder the body’s ability to function optimally. Detecting and correcting sleep-related imbalances can also aid in restoring hormonal balance. Give your body the rest it needs to support you best.


Men tend to blame themselves entirely for their weight gain. Often, this is an incomplete picture. While it's true that we do play an active role in our health, it is also true that genes can have a say in things, too. Genes determine far more than just hair and eye color. Genes are considered to be the blueprint for protein synthesis, cellular reactions, and inter-cellular communications. A genetic panel workup can often shed new light on how your body's intracellular systems function and help you make more complete and better informed decisions for your health.

Several genes have been identified as influential to being overweight. The most influential gene for weight management at this time is FTO. Researchers have concluded that individuals with FTO variants may rarely feel full or satisfied after meals and have difficulty controlling cravings, such as a strong desire for sugary foods and consuming saturated fat - more so than those individuals who do not carry FTO variants. Identifying genetic culprits also helps to design and direct a targeted plan for weight loss success.

FTO variant testing (in conjunction with four additional genetic variants that may predispose individuals to obesity) is available through your local Metabolic Research Center. A simple, non-invasive cheek-swab can shed light on an individual’s genetic background. Knowing more about what makes you "you" helps our team of weight loss specialists further personalize your program unique to you. 

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